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CTSS has the following privacy policy's and terms and conditions for use of its web-site (if you have any questions please contact

What do we collect from you?

When you visit, we on occasion gather and review the following information in order to track the use of our website:

  • the IP address from where our website is accessed

  • the name of the domain from which visitors access the internet

  • the time and date of the visit

  • the information and pages accessed while viewing the web-site

What happens to the collected information?

CTSS will not attempt to identify individuals who access the website or try to determine their particular browsing activities. The information collected above is stored and used in the aggregate only, once reviewed it is destroyed. The analyzed information is only used to make improvements to the CTSS website.

Cookies and what are they?

Cookies are essentially small pieces of data or information sent to computer by a website that you view. Cookies can be either "permanent" or session based.

Permanent cookies are stored on your computer and usually contain an expiry date. They may be used to monitor your web browsing activities upon your return visit to the issuing website. These types of cookies are often required to perform transactions on or via the internet and are often used to store information that you might need again, such as your passwords or log-in information with particular vendors or institutions.

Session cookies are essentially short term or temporary bits of information that are only used during your visit to a particular web-site. They are deleted when you close your browser software. No personal information is contained in these cookies and the website is incapable of knowing if you have visited it previously.

Does use cookies? uses session cookies only. These cookies are used during your visit to our website only and upon closing your browser they are deleted. We attempt to collect no personal or identifiable information about any visitor to our website.

Does CTSSJapan collect E-mail addresses and other personal information?

CTSS only collects and stores information which is voluntarily provided to us. By sending us e-mail or by other means providing us with personal or private information you are consenting to CTSS storing this information for legitimate business purposes - i.e. for the purposes for which you provided the information. In no circumstance will we add your e-mail or postal address to any mailing list unless specifically requested by you/the owner. We do not share our information with any third party at any time or under any circumstances.

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CTSS and Copyright:

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Disclaimer: website is provided and intended for your personal use and viewing. Accessing this web-site constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions, which are to take immediate effect upon the time and date of the first use of the website.

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