CTSS – Safety & Security Capability Statement

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CTSS principals are aware from their international experience that people, assets and business continuity is only as good as the last safety and security review. Criminals and terrorists are experts at collecting target information and finding security gaps which permits them to penetrate security measures.

Modern insurance companies are expanding their portfolio to include safety and security partners who can work in conjunction to identify, prioritize, minimize and manage the risks and threats to the client and contiguously reduce their exposure.

This therefore improves overall safety, security and/or business continuity for the client, allows them access to security expertise for a continuous review of their exposure and decreases the possibility of serious claims for the insurance company.

CTSS views safety and security planning and preparation as a critical component part of Crisis Management, second only to actionable intelligence, which it uses to identify, and prioritize the various risks and threats.

These component parts then feed into the Crisis Management Cycle, which is used to manage the client’s security environment and provide proactive response where possible or credible reaction as necessary.

CTSS staff and Associates have a wealth of international experience working with insurance companies and a wide variety of clients and can deliver a cohesive service that not only protects the client but potentially reduces the risk to the insurance providers, including:

· Information Aggregation

· Geo-political and Business Intelligence reporting

· Safety & Security Risk Management Consultancy, Assessments, Reviews and Audits

· Contingency planning and Business Continuity

· Crisis Response and Recovery

· Conflict Mitigation Strategies & Training

· Security Management

· Static Security and Facility Protection

· Training including pre-deployment, Crisis Management, surveillance, hostile environment, security and intelligence

· Close Protection

· Kidnap Avoidance, Protection and Response

· Insurance Assessments

Additional Capabilities & Services:

· Technical security enhancements

· 24/7 Operations room and response

· IT & Cyber security

· Information Assurance

· GPS staff & asset tracking and supply chain monitoring

· Secure Communications

· International Due Diligence

· Surveillance