Advice from CTSS emphasizes contemporary business and political reality in specific countries and markets. Areas of focus include Geo-Political and Strategic Advice and Scenario Planning, Direct Business and Political Access to key decision makers, and Insight into otherwise opaque commercial/political decision-making in specific countries, as well as Physical Security of Corporate Operations and management of possible Kidnap and Ransom situations. CTSS provides tailored ‘alternate futures’ analysis coupled with, practical business and transactional solutions.

CTSS principals have been following world political, economic and defense trends throughout their careers and have unique combined experience and in-depth knowledge. This has led to a deep understanding of contemporary issues and trends. We understand the geo-political as well as economic realities behind the current state of affairs and can help our clients develop a strategy to work through such uncertainties. Providing alternative scenario and futures planning and strategic advisory to provide a coherent and implementable framework for thinking about long term and existential issues as well as the immediate needs - providing a comprehensive environmental and intelligence picture. CTSS members have decades of experience in dealing with leading figures and decision makers in the EU, the USA, Japan, RoK, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, as well as in Africa and the Middle East.

CTSS provides thoughtful and direct advice. Client relationships rest above all on prompt accessibility of CTSS principals, not junior staff. Client relationships are results focused and results-dependent, focused tightly on specific issues or obstacles of concern. Primary value depends on face-to-face advice, and on follow-up work or visits in countries of concern to help the client navigate and thrive in both the current as well as in future environments. CTSS has its main offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Brussels and Washington D.C.

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Intelligence, Information Aggregation and Due Dilignece

CTSS is a firm specializing in alternative futures. It offers clients both a set of prospects, and then provides strategies to reach these futures. The CTSS advantage rests on its principals’ generic (energy, security and strategy) and geographical strengths (i.e., specific country/regional experience with leadership networks cultivated over decades). Small and select, CTSS stands apart from big, ‘public figure’ and ‘door-opening’ firms in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Brussels, London or Washington. Nor is it a risk assessment firm. It avoids routine political, security, energy and other geo-political reporting, and doesn’t ‘do’ public relations, product/service promotion, instead it provides real foresight, deep intelligence and advice on which the client can begin to base decisions.

Crisis Management - Safety & Security

CTSS Provides Comprehensive Crisis Management Services. CTSS principals are aware from their international experience that people, assets and business continuity is only as good as the last safety and security review. Criminals and terrorists are experts at collecting target information and finding security gaps which permits them to penetrate security measures. We can help mitigate these factors.